Freshen up for spring

It’s that time of year where we just want to freshen up, clean out those spaces we try to forget about (the junk drawer, the mud room, the garage etc…) and brighten our space.

I myself just moved into a new home that needed (and still needs!) LOTS of TLC. It’s been a messy, sometimes gross, but rewarding experience so far – and I have a few tips and tricks to share on how to make your space feel like your own and feel fresh and new!


Step 1 –

Express your inner Marie Kondo! If you haven’t heard of Ms. Kondo, Marie Kondo is a Japanese cleaning consultant and the author of the best-selling guide to de-cluttering your home. Essentially her motto is: If it doesn’t bring you joy, and if it isn’t useful…get rid of it! I don’t know anyone outside of the realm of TLC’s Hoarders that can say that their clutter brings them joy, peace of mind and a greater love and appreciation for their home. You KNOW you need to get in that junk drawer and de-clutter…so stop avoiding it and get it done.

And remember, one persons junk is another persons treasure, so try to donate or give away your unwanted goods if you can. Often friends and family are keen to take or re-purpose things that haven’t worked in my home but are still in good condition. Here is the Marketing department at Urban Barn, we’ve been doing a bit of Spring cleaning and we’ve committed to bringing in a box or two of unwanted but nice items from home and then at the end of our mini-swap meet, the unclaimed items will be donated.

Step 2 –

Add some greenery! I know it’s time to get planting in the backyard, get rid of the weeds, mow the lawn and all the rest, but let’s talk about some non-traditional greenery. Plants in the bathroom is something usually dominated by bamboo. While bamboo is great, there are some other air purifying plants that can add a little happy to an unexpected place.

My favourites right now, are the snake plant and heart-shaped philodendrons. The snake plant is beautiful, doesn’t grow to be TOO big and has a subtle and stylish pattern on their leaves. Every leaf is one of a kind and each plant grows to be its own shape and style. I love that you can own 2, 3, 4, 5 (is my obsession showing yet?) of these plants and they all grow to be individuals. I currently have a tiny snake plant in a charcoal terracotta planter on my bathroom ledge that makes ALL of the difference. It’s my little bit of happy when I walk into the bathroom in the morning.




Heart shaped philodendrons are the kind of plants you imagine would live inside the home on the set of The Secret Garden. I feel like whatever I write next about this plant can just be communicated through this amazing photo:




Some other air purifying plants are: spider plants, golden pothos, gerber daisies, red-edged dracenas and many more!


Step 3 –

Get some vitamin D! If it’s not quite a sunny paradise where you live, you can dream, right? I always fall to Pinterest to keep me inspired and to catalogue my plans. This year, one of my big projects for my new home is getting the backyard in order. While the lawn has been mowed over the years (it appears, anyway), it really has been neglected in all other areas.

Though it may not be time to get outside and enjoy the patio quite yet, I do love to plan ahead. What are my goals for the backyard this summer? Am I really ready to take on a garden? Do I just want to stick to making the patio an outdoor oasis and shielding my eyes from the rest of the yard? I’m a list maker and an obsessive-Pinterest user and so for me, inspiration/mood boards are the way to go. In the last few weeks, I’ve been putting together a summer-patio mood board so that I can make smaller purchases, piece by piece, rather than feeling like I’m bleeding money for the backyard when the sun does fully arrive. Here are some of my favourites for the upcoming season:


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.37.04 AM


To see more outdoor products like these, take a peek at our Outdoor Furniture & Accents page!


Step 4 –


Have fun! Spring is one of my favourite seasons, enjoy the sun, enjoy experiencing your home in a new way! Whether it’s that there is daylight present when you come home from work or if you have a large outdoor space to enjoy there is a new aspect to be thankful for.


Now, we’ve got to know; what are you big plans for Spring? Let us know in the comments!

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