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5 Tips to Create a Winter Retreat – At Home

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As I sit here watching the snow fall and counting the days until spring, I have come to terms with the fact that winter is in full force, especially in Montreal! Although I’ve never been Jack Frost’s biggest fan, I enjoy winter for the simple reason that as we retreat more towards the indoors this time of year, we get to cozy up our living environment. Here are 5 easy tips to create a winter retreat right in your home this season.


1. Add texture
Faux fur is back with a vengeance and we love this! Adding faux fur tosses and faux fur throws will add warmth and texture to your space, not to mention they are so soft and cuddly!

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Featured: Faux chinchilla toss and throw, Mongolian toss cream

2. Bring on the toss pillows!

Tosses are a great way to cozy up a space. Grab a few that are different sizes to add layers to the setting. The animal print tosses are a great way to bring that cabin feeling right into your home, not to mention they are so much fun!

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Featured: Drew moose toss

3. Throw on a throw

A winter retreat is not complete without a knitted throw. Throws add to the ambiance and they’ll keep you warm on those cold winter evenings! When not in use drape the throw over your Nest chair or sofa for styling.

Featured: Betina knit throw ivory, Snowy deer toss
Featured: Betina knit throw ivory, Snowy deer toss

4. Bring the outdoors indoors

This season add some foliage to your setting. Less is more, so a few accents can bring a nice woodsy feeling to your space.

Featured: Brynn harvest bundle
Featured: Brynn harvest bundle

5. Decor touches

Add a few decor accents such as; candles, animal decor, a lantern for ambient lighting and a few serving trays. This will create an inviting space and tie everything together to complete the look.

Featured: Franklin lamp, Darnell deer decor, Parisa candle holder
Featured: Franklin lamp, Darnell deer decor, Parisa candle holder


 Featured: Brockman tray rustic, Chambly tray
Featured: Brockman tray rustic, Chambly tray

Let’s embrace this winter and enjoy a nice warm and cozy retreat right in our home. So this season snuggle up with your loved one, a good book or your fur baby and a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy the wonderful retreat you have created. Don’t forget the cookies!

What have you added to your space this winter season?


Lisa Poirier

Written by Lisa Poirier, team member at Urban Barn, Vaudreuil, QC and owner of Interior Design company Sublime Design.

  1. Everything looks so lovely and cozy! So soft but so barn at the same time! Love it! It’s definitely warm inside! Great job Lisa! Cant wait to see more. (:

  2. Everything look so warm, so soft and cuddly! Great ideas, i really like to bring that cabin feeling at home. We need more ideas like this and Cookies 😛

  3. Yay! So glad it got you motivated Donnah, love that!

    Thank you Louise for your comment. Watching winter through a window may not be a bad idea with a cozy setting!

  4. Love the pillows, it makes the room look so very comfortable….enough to want to stay indoors and enjoy the winter through the window…nice work Lisa.

  5. Wow, that is so lovely. Great ideas. You have motivated me to redo my coffee table – great place for a nordic vignet. Just need some hot chocolate and I will be good to go 🙂

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