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5 Reasons to Hang Drapes Now

We all know that sometimes there are just too many things on the to-do list and although you wish you had more sophisticated window coverings, those long flowing panels remain a distant wish. Well, the time is now! There are too many benefits of hanging drapery to wait any longer.



Featured: Urban Barn Aline Panel in Grey/White


Here are 5 great reasons to finally bust out your step ladder:


1.    Keep the summer sun out
If the summer sunshine is still out when you are trying to fall asleep and peeking through your blinds in the morning, it might be a good idea to light-proof your room with drapery. Choose drapes constructed of a heavy weight fabric that is fully lined to keep the summer sunshine from interrupting you precious Zzz’s.


2.    Add texture to any room
Adding drapery in a bold pattern or a unique fabric can give personality to your room and add some texture to your living area. Have some fun and hang something shimmery yet sophisticated like the Platinum Jamie Panel. To get even more texture, add layers of different panels and hang the rod a little higher and wider to give your window some depth.


3.    Divide a small space
Choose a sheer, lightweight curtain to divide a small space into different functional areas. This solution will take up less room than a screen or bookcases and can easily be pulled back to create an open concept space if desired. Choose a sheer fabric, in a light colour to keep the space feeling open and airy like the sheer Malini Slub in silver.


4.    Make a big impact without spending big
Drapes are an inexpensive way to make your room feel more luxurious and polished.  Drapes come in many fabrics and styles; therefore the price points will vary. Look for high quality panels within budget. Remember that the investment goes a long way because drapes can easily be used year round.


5.    Add a non-permanent pop of colour
Bright coloured drapes are a great option if you are looking for a dramatic pop of colour but not ready to commit to painting an accent wall. Or, if you rent and can’t paint the walls the colour you desire, choosing colourful drapery is a great non-permanent solution to get your colour fix.  Hang colourful panels like the Teal – Clooney Panel to add personality to any room.


Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. And if you know someone who has been procrasti-draping share this with them now!

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